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The timing in which people enter your life is very important.

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I care. It fucking terrifies me how much I care.
- Midnight thoughts (just in case you wanted to hear it again)

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I have been having the worse nightmares lately.
I feel like a 10 year old who just watched a scary movie for the first time.
They have been getting so bad that I have started to write them down so that I can try to figure out what they mean.
So here is goes:

Sept 11- I was being chased in an unkownn house with my two roommates. A women was chasing us and as we were running there were huge holes in the floor that kept getting bigger and bigger. I felt like if I fell into one of the holes I would die. The lady eventually caught all of us and kept us like we were prisoners with lots of there girls. I felt extremely trapped there and hopeless.
When I woke up my heart was beating like it was going to pop out of my chest.

Sept 12- being chased in the woods by a dark figure, woke up when I fell.

Sept 13- no nightmare, slept at Adams house that night. He’s the only thing that makes them go away, I think its because I feel safe when I’m with him.

Sept 14- I was being chased by two big black bears in a store. I ran to the front of the store and started screaming for someone to call 911 or to get help but the people in the store just starred at me, like I was just talking to them and not pleading with them to get me help. I got to the doors at the front of the store and shut them but people kept opening them and the bears kept getting closer and closer. I woke up and without thinking I tried to block my face with my hands and because I did that I now how a scratch on my forehead because my nail cut me I told people I fell, but I was sweating, I couldn’t breath I found out this night that I forgot to bring my inhaler to school, and I just started to cry.

Sept 15- There was a fish in a tank, I noticed how skinny it was and wondered why its owner wasn’t feeding it. Then I realized that the fish was mine and that I have forgotten about him for years. As I tried to put food into the tank to help the dying fish it jumped out of the water & started after me like it wanted to attack me for how angry it was about me forgetting about him. I ran but the fish followed me I started crying, screaming for help but there was no one to help me. I ran down a hallway, eventually I slammed a door shut so that the fish wouldn’t get me.

Sept 16- I was at my house with friends, we all had motorcycles it was really fun and then I became careless and crashed into a car.